-01 and 008801 rate reduced today-15Feb2020
-8801,008801 and 01 rate will reduce today please check-17oct19
-Please use internet explorer to create new pin, google chrome having technical problem-thanks

-Itel Platinum Android- Latest Version or googlePlay
-Utel Platinum Android -  Latest Version or  @googlePlay
M Dialer for iPhone
       -Itel Express (Operator Code 20133)  -install or
 i store
M Dialer for windows phone
       -Itel Express (operator Code 20133)  -install or
Microsoft Store

-Other Link for All-
 Call2Desh ite 20133- express, platinum, @googlePlay
 Call2Desh utel All- platinum, @googlePlay
 gplex-3067 Android- 4Oman, 4KSA, 4UaeDU, 4UaeET 4UaeET
 gplex-3067 Android- @googlePlay, oldDialer old dialer
 Call2Desh (cool) 444- install v131
-Download and information- http://moittry.com/downloads

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